Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wah Ustad Wah!

Finally got to attend Ustad Zakir Hussan's concert with Masters of Percussion and it was magical. Was elated with the jugalbandi between tabla and mridangam and sarangi. My first experience and hoping for many more such in the near future. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Not a single day goes by..

..without me thinking of you Ajji...not a single day! You are being missed... and a lot!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I read somewhere how trust is like a paper once crumpled it can never be the same again. This is exactly why certain people may have to be removed from your inner circle ..you simply cannot take a chance!

My little DDs when you grow up you will have to make some tough choices and decisions and move on. 

Move on matey!

A lot depends on level of maturity which only comes through experience on how you feel on the inside and how you portray yourself to the outside world, which as we know can be two different things. When we make a decision however big or small we live through its consequences and for everyone things have a way of working out. You might want to shout it from the roof tops (currently Facebook I suppose ;)) that it went really well or  it absolutely sucked or you might keep it to your self. 

People will find happiness and contentment and things will work out - eventually! Period! 

STOP justifying the decisions made, if you are having to address and acknowledge it time and again could mean there is regret?

Winter break 2016 - Sun, Sand and Vitamin Sea

So we made a trip to Cancun, Mexico for our winter break and to celebrate the wonderful milestones we have had. It was simply awesome and our first official vacation out of the country - just us 4! Got to spend quality time with my girls and they had so much fun at the beach they didnt want to come back. Over all happy and refreshed and relaxed family when we got back.

As vegetarians I was a bit concerned on how things might be, but have to say Mexican food and all inclusive resort made our life super easy. I dont think I have had such a good Guacamole anywhere ever - super fresh and yummy it was out of the world!

We did a day trip to Chechen Itza and a got a quick tour of the the Mayan ruins. Rest of the time we just lazed and relaxed at the beach, kids had a kids club to hang out when they took breaks playing in the sun. Over all was a super awesome trip and would highly recommend. 

The last time we went to an all-inclusive resort was Jamaica before kids, was a couples only premium resort at Negril. It was definitely a different experience post kids, family friendly resort with tons of kids activities, daily evening shows to watch and unwind.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Milestones summary!

I have been on a sabbatical here ;) Cos its been a awesome awesome awesome milestone year this year. Planning parties one after another and I loved it. And summer we lived to the fullest. Hence stayed off of social media for a good part and it was wonderful .............

To begin with kids milestone birthday was wonderful pony party in a beautiful farm - yes a huge milestone as they enter Kindergarten. Kids had a blast and so did I. Lovely pony art and pony rides pizza and some feeding the animals and pets- was awesssome!!!!!

DH's milestone birthday was super fun. Made him a great video and all the friends came together to have a blast. Planning was super duper fun. We made him multiple videos from friends and family sending him wishes, to some crazy dance videos, to some movie style dialogue delivery videos (from his favorite movies). It was a complete blast.

And finally our anniversary milestone. We had an awesome peaceful daycation by the beach and the most awesome food ever!

Looking forward to many more celebrations!

And BLOGGER! I am back! ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It’s been so long since I have come to this page.
Cos it’s been nice and busy. Yes busy! I have hands full and manage well and I like to acknowledge that J
A week-long trip to Mothership – near Frankfurt and summer fun has begun - beach trips, theme park visits, (amazing experience at storyland for the kids I must say), cousins visit from Cali, mom’s visit to Vancouver to see her aunt after many years, surprise birthday party for me (absolutely crazy and great experience thanks to a bunch of mates), pujas as shravan maasam begins –hosted a record number of 35 ladies for parentam at our house on Vratham day which happened to my birthday (Thanks to my MOM who has always been there for me) -  it’s been an awesome 3 months. 

Awaiting an awesome August ahead!